To make life a little easier to find past projects, I created this index to simplify navigating to past work. This page also helps me see what projects I've completed in the past, and which projects I need to follow up with in the future. I hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I enjoy making them!

Project: Lamp Restoration

Project: Picture Clipboards

Project: Systainer Foam Inserts

Project: Trinket Holder

Project: Wera Screwdriver Rack

Project: Mudroom Bench

Project: Dimmer Switch Mount

Project: Freezer Lid Hook

Project: Steel Strap Book Shelf

Project: Reclaimed Barnwood Desk

Project: Bessey Clamp Rack

Project: Better Than IKEA Shelves

Project: Footstool

Project: Patio Railing

Project: Medicine Cabinet Catches

Project: Bathroom Corner Shelf

Project: Patio Gate