Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Followup: Custom Foam Systainer Tool Holder

In my previous post I had made a custom foam insert for my Milwaukee drill/driver set into a Tanos Systainer 2.

Since that post I had added one more battery to my collection (the "extended capacity" battery for the M12 system) - so I needed to adjust the foam for the new battery. Luckily the layout afforded me the room to do this, but I needed to move a few things around to do it.

My original layout looked like this:

After making the adjustments, cutting out a little more foam, moving some things around, and getting it all fit nicely, the end result looked like this:

(Above: Small changes - but fits a lot of stuff)

Previously I had used the 'construction adhesive' to mate the two sheets of foam together.

(Above: Worst. Glue. Ever.)

After cutting out more foam from the insert - I realized that adhesive was a terrible choice. Why? It never hardened. When I cut out a cube of foam - the glue was still wet. This made a huge mess, and was a pain to clean up after the fact.

In retrospect, I should have used slow-set hot glue for this instead, or spray-adhesive since you let it 'dry' first before mating the two pieces. Live and learn I suppose.